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"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"

Dwight D. Eisenhower
U.S. President 1953-1961

What is Interim Management?
Interim management may be described as "the rapid hands-on resolution of business problems by highly experienced senior executives hired on a short-term basis of typically 3 to 9 months". Our interim managers on the other hand may be described as "an all-in-one project manager, consultant, and senior executive working at or near board level”. Our interim managers will occupy a position that would typically command an annual salary of € 75K plus.

Why Interim Management?
Interim management gives you instant access to a senior ‘heavy-weight yet hands-on’ manager, with a proven track record, matched to your needs. Our interim managers are typically hired for 3 to 9 months and help our clients undergoing major change, trying to implement a critical strategy or looking to plug a critical management gap. An organization may choose to pursue the interim management route because the role in question is not a permanent position or a permanent executive/manager cannot be found fast enough.

Sustainable advantages
Whatever the reason, our interim managers offer major benefits to our clients:

  • Speed - we are available to start in days - with the minimum of recruitment or termination formalities
  • Experience – our interim managers are overqualified for the job in question
  • Results - we are only as good as our last placement - so track record and performance really count. We are used to being judged by results so we know how to deliver
  • Knowledge transfer - we will transfer a huge amount of skill, contacts and experience to your team which will remain long after we have left
  • Objectivity - while sensitive to the company's ethos, we will not be constrained by company politics, personalities or protocols
  • Focused - we can be assigned a critical task and our performance measured against it
  • Delivery - yes we can act as counsel to the Board - but then we will roll up our sleeves and deliver the strategy too
  • Costs – Help keep down permanent head count and is highly cost-effective

What our clients say…

  • "Not a low-cost option but excellent results and better value than a management consultant."
  • "This was our first experience of an interim manager. He was worth his weight in gold."
  • "We will certainly use WBG interim management again."

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